14 Things Only LEO Will Truly Understand


Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, which is typically one of the hottest time periods of the summer, Leos come into this world with fire and passion. While Leos share many traits with their sign, the Lion, the king of the jungle, they’re much more complex than most people think. If you’re a Leo, or know someone really close who is one, here are 14 things you’ll totally relate to.

1. Leos are not dependent on others, but they still like companionship.

Leos hate asking others for help..

2. They’re not always interested in being in control, but it usually gets pushed upon them.

3. People can’t help being attracted to the Leo.And people think Leos love attention…

4. Leos tend to be a little too bunt.

5. Leos have a taste for the finer things.

6. Leo, you seriously believe you are the best.Everyone assumes you have a huge ego…

7. Stubborn is an understatement.The last say has to always be yours, Leo.

8. Leos give until it almost hurts.

9. Leos are surprisingly sensitive.

10. They’re a bunch of hopeless romantics.

11. They’re always thinking ahead, yet very impulsive.

12. Leos can smell bullshit better than anyone.

14. Telling a Leo to calm down is the worst mistake anyone can ever make.