30 Warning Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance (And How To Reset Them)


The common question that most women ask themselves is:

Do I need to do hormone replacement to feel better, or is there a natural way to get my hormones in balance?

Many things can cause an imbalance in our sex hormones, but the excellent news is that women can fix these imbalances without medications!

Women suffer from mood and behavior swings as a result of:

The three P’s: Puberty, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Peri-menopause (the years leading up to and just after their final period);

The three M’s: menstrual cramps, menopause and mental anxiety.

Are women’s bodies defective? Are women destined to suffer from impaired mood, muscle loss, poor sleep and sexual problems?

Of course not! The suffering associated with women’s reproductive life is not predestined.

It just the result of bad habits such as:

Drinking alcohol and smoking;

Being chronically stressed;

Eating a high-sugar and refined-carbohydrate diet;

Consuming dairy and often, gluten;

Not exercising enough;

Being exposed to environmental toxins.

PMS, menopausal symptoms, and other problems are all signs of imbalances in your sex hormones. They are not the result of mutant genes that destroy our sexual vitality as we age, they are treatable symptoms of underlying imbalance in one of the core systems in your body and if you get your sex hormones back in balance, these problems will simply disappear.

Instead of immediately resorting to a hormone replacement, you need to figure out the what creates these imbalances, then treat the underlying problem.

Unfortunately, many symptoms we come to accept as “normal” are just signs of imbalance.

If you’re suspecting that your sex hormones might be out of whack, do this quiz and you’ll make self-evaluation:

I have premenstrual syndrome.

I have monthly weight fluctuation.

I feel bloated.

I have headaches.

I have mood swings.

I have tender, enlarged breasts.

I am depressed.

I feel unable to cope with ordinary demands.

I have backaches, joint, or muscle pain.

I have premenstrual food cravings (especially sugar or salt).

I have irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, or light bleeding.

I have edema, swelling, puffiness, or water retention.

I have dry skin, hair, and/ or vagina.

I use birth-control pills or other hormones.

I have premenstrual migraines.

I have heart palpitations.

I have uterine fibroids.

I have hot flashes.

I feel anxious.

I have facial hair.

I have night sweats.

I have insomnia.

I am infertile.

I have lost my sex drive.

I have trouble with memory or concentration.

I have bloating or weight gain around the middle.

I have breast cysts or lumps or fibrocystic breasts.

I have a family history of breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer.

I have been exposed to pesticides or heavy metals (in the food, water, and/ or air).

Score one point for every time you answered “Yes” and then check using the scale below:

0 to 9 : You may have a mild sex hormone imbalance.

10 to 14 :You may have a moderate sex hormone imbalance.

15 or more :You may have a severe sex hormone imbalance.


The key to getting your hormones to balance is the diet itself !

The first step involves removing the bad stuff. You should reduce the intake of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress. Also, you need to be more physically active, because lack of exercise is contributing factor to all hormonal imbalances.

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