4 Quick Exercises to Get Rid Of Underarm Flab and Back Bulge in Less Than 2 Weeks


The excess under flab and back bulge cause many problems for women and the shape of their body. Unfortunately, dieting can’t always help, but the good news is that maybe we found a way to get rid of this accumulation of it through four practical and useful exercises.

We found that the best way to get rid of the flab and settle this issue is through 4 successful quick and short exercises. These exercises should be possible at home using handles, rubber bands, tubing or you can move your hands only. That fat will usually be gone after two weeks.

If you do these exercises on a daily basis, you will solve this issue very effectively! These exercises are a complete winner against underarm flab and back bulge. Don’t wait and sit there! The fat won’t melt by itself and for this method to work; you need discipline, dedication, and regularity. Make a time for them in your daily schedule, follow the steps strictly and the fat will disappear in just two weeks

The Crisscross Reverse Fly:

Doctor ASKY / Underarm Flab
  • Place your legs separated at shoulder width and slightly twisted at the knees for firmness.
  • Twist forward at the waist at approximately 90 degrees and make sure that you’re faced down, looking at the floor.
  • Hold the hand weights in both hands bowed at the elbow and remember that the palms need to be faced towards one another.
  • Raise your hands to shoulder level or near shoulder level. Do a series of 3 repetitions 10 times.

Push And Touch:

Doctor ASKY / Underarm Flab
  • Lift your extended arms overhead from the laying position on the sides of your body, using hand weights.
  • Remain with your extended arms on the sides, palms confronting forward, and lift them to the shoulder level at the same time than over your head.
  • Finally, then get the arms back into position and make sure to do a set of 3 times with around 6 rehashes each.

Elbow Kiss :

Doctor ASKY / Underarm Flab
  • Spread out your arms on either side at the level of your shoulders, palms facing up.
  • Then fold each arm at the elbow to make a ninety degrees angle upwards.
  • Swing the hands while folded to the front so that they close in at the elbow with forearms touching on the sides.
  • Lastly, return the arms to their initial position.

Bent-over circular row

  • Bend forward (around ninety degrees) with your legs shoulder-width apart
  • With each hand at a time, lift the dumbbell or hand weights towards the opposite hand.
  • In a circular motion move it towards the chest and the back to the extended position.