5 Common Cancer-Causing Items You Need to Empty Your Home of IMMEDIATELY


Lots of things we have in our homes and we use them contain chemicals that can harm our health, thus we need to be very cautious.

Check these household items that you have to get rid of immediately if you want to improve your overall health.

We will provide you with natural alternatives you can get in order to replace them.

• Non-stick cookware – Americans especially use these cookware, but not too many people are aware that they have been proven to release toxic chemicals into the food while they are being cooked. When the cookware is heated up, the coating breaks down at a molecular level, releases variety of toxic particles and fluoride-based gasses (many of them are carcinogenic) and enter the food. Thus, you need to replace them with ceramic pans r pots as they do not release any type of chemicals when you cook your food.

• Artificial sweeteners – there are natural sweeteners, but there are some which are toxic. This is a list of toxic sweeteners you have to get rid of immediately:

• Sorbitol (it is partially digested in the intestines and can cause, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and other problems with the intestines);

• Acesulfame K (it can cause issues during pregnancy, is carcinogenic, and can cause tumors);

• Apsratame (there are proofs that show it causes skin cancer and can be deadly to those who suffer from phenylketonuria);

• Saccharin (there is evidence that it can cause bladder cancer and issues with the liver).

These are some healthy alternatives:

  • Erythritol (it does not affect cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin levels);
  • Stevia (lowers the blood sugar levels and protects the teeth);
  • Xylitol (improves bone density and protects teeth);
  • Yacon syrup (it feeds the good bacteria in the intestines and helps in the fight against constipation).
  • Food containers and plastic bottles – they may contain harmful chemicals and when you consume the foods and drinks from them you intake those ingredients into your body which eventually get digested. One such chemical is Bisphenol A that is used in hardening the plastic in water bottles, Plastic Containers, and other containers for foods and drinks. Many studies provided proofs that these toxic chemicals affect our brains, behavior, prostate glands, fetus, babies, and young children. Replace them with glass or metal bottles and containers with which you will save your health and the environment as well.
  • Air fresheners – according to recent researches the fumes that are emitted from air freshener cans are more dangerous than cigarette smoke. The fumes can cause problems with the respiratory system like asthma, and interfere with hormone balances. A lot of studies confirmed that these fresheners contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde (proven to cause cancer). Overexposure to these thins is associated with nose and throat cancer. You can instead use natural fresheners made of essential oils which create pleasant aromas and provide many health benefits. Put 10-15 drops of some essential oil into a spray bottle with 1 cup of distilled water and spray around the house.
  • Commercial cleaning products – there is a variety of cleaning products in each household, however most of them have been connected to asthma even though they are used for keeping your house free from buildup of harmful bacteria. According to some other studies, there are substances in cleaning products which disrupt our hormones and those include parabens, BPA, triclosan, and phthalates. The greatest natural ingredients you can use and which provide natural antimicrobial cleaning properties without any side effects are baking soda and vinegar. They are effective against bacteria like staph, salmonella, and E.coli.