7 Secret Tricks To Lose Weight At Any Age


The real and ugly truth is that when we get older our weight loss plan becomes more difficult.

Our muscles become stiffer, they make our exercising less convenient, and they hurt more. That’s only the beginning of our suffering.

Our metabolism is not helping us, and it is gradually slowing down as we get older. We burn 1 to 2 percent fewer calories with every decade.

It’s a bad cycle as our age goes up, so if we are not careful, it can easily get out of control.

The personal trainer and NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specials, Brian Durbin, is confident that if we know the roadblocks we will know how to successfully drop pounds.

Keep an eye on your hormones :

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As we age, our hormones fall out of balance. Irregular check of your adrenal glands, thyroid, and other hormones levels can make the fat to be easily stored in your body. Testosterone is very important hormone that needs to be regularly checked. Balanced levels of this hormone will make it easier to slim down and will regulate the glucose levels in your blood, which is crucial for losing belly fat. Regularly check your hormone levels!

Pick up those weights :

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Main reason when people complain how they can’t lose weight is muscle mass. The muscle mass is more active than the fat, which requires much more energy. The opposite of this is true – if you lose muscle mass, the metabolism will slow down.

People who are around 50 years old are having 20% less muscle mass than those who are 20 years old. According to Durbin, the good news is that if you are having a good weight training routine, you will expand your muscle mass and will lose weight like you were losing 20 years ago. Pick up those weight and achieve your goal!

Don’t go too easy :

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Push yourself to achieve your goal. You shouldn’t be in pain while you are exercising, but you shouldn’t go easy, too. Be sure to work hard enough, sweat, and complete the whole range of motion while you are exercising. Put the effort in and you will get desired results. Nobody said that losing weight is easy, so you must be prepared for long exercises. Your body will feel better, not worse, after you are done!

Go easy on your joints :

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Pains and aches can stop even the youngest person from being physically active. Unfortunately, those pains and aches become more frequent as we get older. If you are not active the situation will become even worse. The best way is to find exercises that will be easy for your joints. Walking, jumping in the pool, and water exercises like Aquafit. Water exercises can be fun and will help you burn many calories. The extra resistance from water will make your body to burn 30% more calories during exercising.

Change your diet :

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One of the most important things is to understand that as we get older our daily diet needs to be changed. We need more nutrients and fewer calories, so we must say goodbye to all those empty calories. Instead, you should focus on foods rich in nutrients, consuming a lot of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits will be the perfect change.

Consult with physical therapist :

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If your pains and aches are worrying you, you must consult your physical therapist, this is recommended before starting any new exercise. They will give you a lot of good advice about which exercises are good and which are not good for your condition.  They will also show you exercises that will help you relieve pain.

Avoid stress :

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As we getting older and older our life tends to get much more stressful. According to Durbin, an average adult who is 50 years old has a lot more responsibilities than any younger one. They are having a lot responsibilities at work, probably their kids are going to college or they are caring about their old parents. Stress can make you feel hungry and avoid the gym, which is not good for your weight loss plan. To bust this cycle, you need to schedule time for exercising. Simply go into a good exercise routine and you will ease stress and be one step closer to your goal.