Aqua Fitness: Effective for Firming and Shaping Muscles


Water fitness is an ideal summer activity that quickly and efficiently firms and shapes the muscles. The training consists of five minute warm up, 35 minutes of exercise and five minutes of relaxation.

While you’re on vacation, take advantage of the water and shape your body with the help of a very popular technique – aqua aerobic. Water fitness is based on physical activity being performed to the rhythm of music, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.

It consists of slight movements linked together, similar to dancing. The results are extremely effective.  After only four weeks, the muscles will be stronger and shaped. Water fitness is recommended for people of all ages.

The exercises are performed in the pool, with water up to your waist. Experts say it’s the best depth in which the abdominal muscles are continuously and intensively working to maintain stability and proper body position during the exercise. Many movements are carried out below the water surface which provides water resistance.


Aquatic fitness requires only an elastic band a little longer than one meter, but you can shorten or lengthen it, if necessary. On the ends there are two plastic circles with a rounded hole in the middle. They provide increased effort while performing the exercises with your hands.

It is very important to choose the right music. It should not be too fast, because the whole training consists of slow and controlled exercises, but it is important that the movements are energetic and lively. You can choose hip-hop or film music, for example, from the movie “Grease.” Also, good choices are Latin American rhythms.

The training lasts 45 minutes. The first five minutes are warming up of the body for faster and better accomodation to the activity in the water, and proper movement of the joints, bending the knees, running in place, squats and bending the upper body.

This is followed by exercises with elastic band for a period of 35 minutes. Work on the principle of interval training or changing the exercises for the upper and lower body. Such methods are good for people who haven`t been physically active for a longer period.

The last five minutes are for relaxing, and doing a set of exercises for lengthening muscles that were active during the intense part of the training. The positions of stretching are the same as those that apply to training in the halls. For instance, one leg should bend at the knee, heel close to buttocks, helping you thereby hands.

For Your Upper Body

Reach out; grasp the tape at each end. Stretch and hold it briefly in this position and then repeat the exercise just below the surface of the water so that you will expand and contract your hands.

The exercise can also be performed by holding one arm straight up, the other is lowered down and the elbow is drawn near the hips.

Exercises in the water are more efficient than other types of activity because:

  • Water resistance leads to faster calorie-expenditure
  • Muscles strengthen and reshape, but do not increase in size,
  • When the body is immersed in water, the effect of gravity weakens and frees up a significant part of the weight, so you can do a very intense exercise without risks for the joints,
  • The body is exposed to constant hydromassage, which stimulates microcirculation, smooths the skin and prevents the formation of cellulite,
  • Elastic rubber that helps in performing complex exercise activates different muscle groups, thus developing balance and coordination.