China Market Scandal: China Sells Human Flesh As Beef


The Daily Mail reports about a scandal in China that almost seems too bizarre to be real, it sounds like the plot of a bad horror movie.

Apparently Facebook has been flooded with disturbing photos from China of human flesh allegedly sold as meat in Africa.


The story was first distributed through Facebook with images from the meat factory where the meat was allegedly produced.

There were flayed human bodies on the pictures which sparked outrage on the social media site. In addition to the pictures, the press in Zambia reported that the information came first hand, from people working in the factory.

According to the press, there are two versions as to why China would do something so horrible.

The first reason is that China came up with this idea after running out of space to bury their dead bodies and decided to get rid of them in this way. The second version is that they give this meat to the poo countries in Africa in order to preserve the good quality meat for the rich countries.

However, China’s ambassador to Zambia, Yang Iouming, strongly denies these allegations.

He says:“Local tabloid today spread rumors that the Chinese used human flesh and sold it as beef in Africa. This is just malicious slander and it’s absolutely unacceptable to us. We hereby express our greatest indignation and condemnation over such an act”.

He goes on by saying that this was all a deliberate act by people who want to ruin the good relations between Zambia and China.

A Facebook user wrote in revolt:

“Chinese people sold dead human flesh instead of beef and send them to Africa. Please avoid beef regardless of the brand, especially in markets with African and Afro -Asian country mixed commodity”

The whole saga soon ended after the site revealed the true story behind the pictures and it’s nothing as scandalous as we were being told. They discovered that the photos are a part of a marketing campaign for the video game Resident Evil 6 from 2012.

The pictures from flayed dead bodies were taken while they were filming the commercial in London’s Smithfield market.

Even though the information appeared to be faked, China’s ambassador to Zambia urged the authorities to conduct a full investigation into the matter and the Zambian Deputy Minister of Defense apologized on behalf of the country.