Consuming Fukushima Consequences: Cancerous Fish and Seafood


I thought the big and dangerous Fukushima Consequences were long gone?

This research tells otherwise. People know that seafood and fish belong to the healthiest foods you can find on the planet.

That largely depends on where they have been living.

Today, maybe we have a different case and a bigger concern than before.

The research dates from June 2015 when it was discovered that the radiation has reached the Pacific Ocean.


The dangerous levels moved the boundaries loading seafood with Cesium-137 and Strontium-90.

Both of them are radioactive. They can get deposed in the human bones where they will cause a disaster on the bone marrow.

It could lead to blood and bone cancer like leukemia.

As it seems, the fish from the Pacific is not safe to be consumed. Below is a video discussing the effects of the radiation leaked in the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a little bit longer than the other videos I’ve been sharing before, but it’s worth it for people who want to know more.

I really don’t know what to say after this. I’m really shocked. Stay away from seafood coming from the Pacific Ocean. That’s the least I can say to you.

Buy fish and seafood only from trusted fishermen who are fishing away from contaminated waters.

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David Wolfe