Don’t Throw These Bags! When You See What Can They Do, You’ll Keep Them Like A Gold!


In shoe boxes we can usually find bags filled with silicon dioxide or silica.

Most of you think they are toxic and useless, so you dispose them immediately.

But, you don’t have to do it, truth is quite different.

Silicon dioxide it should not be eaten, but it has many other purposes in our homes.

Here are some recommendations how to use these white or light yellow granules:


1# Keep your workout gear dry 

Good thing about silica is that you can put it into you training bag along with your workout gear and it will prevent bacteria proliferation.

Also, will keep your bag dry and clean and destroy that bad smell, all by silica gel bags. 

2# Prolong the shelf life of your make-up 

If you want to prevent occurrence of moisture in your powder make up, put on of these bags in your make up case. 

3# Put them in your wardrobe 

Also, you can put them in your closet to protect your close form moisture and bad smell that goes with it. 

4# Restore your water-damaged phone 

Restoring your water-damaged phone is probably one of the most amazing uses of silicon dioxide.

If this happens to you, put your phone among 4-5 silica gel bags and they will take all of the moisture from your phone and make it dry.

– This article is originally posted on Healthier Way Of Life, with permission re-posted on The Doctor Asky; Source:
Healthier Way Of Life