Dream Miracles: Ways God May Communicate to You in Dreams


Throughout history, God has communicated to people in dreams. The world’s religious texts are full of stories about the miracle of divine dream messages. Today, many people continue to report receiving messages from God in their dreams.

You may experience some miraculous dreams in your own life – especially if you’re seeking a close relationship with God. Some of your dreams are simply events for your brain to process information. But others may involve God reaching out to you with specific messages.

Those messages may come in any form (such as images or sounds) and often involve symbols, which can express profound meanings in efficient ways. Here are some ways God may communicate to you in your dreams:

Inspiring you with new ideas: God may give you fresh creative inspiration during your dreams. Many great artistic endeavors and scientific breakthroughs have happened as a result of new ideas people have received through their dreams. The famous composer George Frideric Handel said that, during a dream, God gave him the inspiration to write “Messiah” – which became one of the world’s most beloved pieces of music.

Handel reported that, “I did think I did see all heaven before me, and the great God himself seated on his throne, with his company of angels.”

Engineer James Watt said that he was inspired to invent the steam engine after dreaming about balls of molten metal falling from the sky – which helped him figure out ball bearings and the drop cooling process. History contains many other examples of divine inspiration coming to people through dreams.

Helping you solve problems: God may send you solutions for problems in your life while you’re dreaming. This is especially likely to happen if you pray for God’s guidance about a specific problem before going to sleep.

Warning you about issues that need attention in your life or other people’s lives. God may bring issues to your attention that you need to address, but have been neglecting or ignoring for whatever reason. The issues may be unhealthy, sinful attitudes or actions that you need to confess and turn away from so you can live a healthy life.


Or, the issues may involve specific ways God wants you to reach out to others in need to help them. You may even discover that someone you know is going through a crisis by dreaming about him or her. It’s important to follow up on dreams like these, in which God is prompting you to take action in some way.

Healing you from something in your past that has caused you pain. God may heal you spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually from pain you’ve suffered due to past trauma of any kind. It’s easier for your unconscious mind to express deeply feelings of hurt than it is for your conscious mind. So it’s common for dreams to trigger deep pain that hasn’t yet been resolved. God may speak to your mind while you’re dreaming, sending you messages that resolve pain and usher in healing.

Giving you prophetic knowledge of a future event. God may inform you about something that is going to happen in the future through a prophetic dream. This involves learning about a future event of which you have no conscious awareness; you can’t predict it apart from seeing it happen in a dream. You may have a prophetic dream about an event that affects you personally (such as anticipating the death of a loved one, visualizing a new job that materializes, or meeting a person whom you later marry). But you may also dream prophetically about a future event that affects a great amount of other people. For example, many people reported dreaming about airplanes flying into tall buildings before the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred.


Encouraging you to build your confidence and help you fulfill your potential in life. God may send you encouraging messages in your dreams. These messages will help you see who you truly are (and how valuable you are). They will also help you discover and fulfill the potential for what you can do in life.