Easy Trick! Do You Want To Attract Of Money Into Your House?


According to many believes this plant has energy to attract money like a magnet.

But in order to work properly it should be placed in the house according to old Chinese technique.

The plant should be placed on the right side from the entrance of your house and in the north part of the house.

The name of the plant is Cassula.


This plant doesn’t require a lot of care, but you may leave it in a bigger pot. The plant will start growing like crazy.

It is preferable to put the plant in position where it has a lot of sunlight. Do not water it constantly.


For the next watering wait for the soil to completely dries out. In the winter period keep the soil moist.

According to believes this plant has ethereal oils and boosts mental and physical positivity in people.

As well this plant increases the people’s physic and physical abilities.

The energy of the Feng Shui plants that attract money comes from the well-rooted, vibrant energy seen through new growth.

– Source:
Health is Wealth of Heart