Every Time I Was In Her House It Smelled Amazing, But I Had No Idea Why. Then She Showed Me This Trick


There’s hardly anything more appealing than a wonderful smelling house.

Unfortunately, to get this effect, most people opt for commercial air fresheners, scented candles and other deodorizers, all of which are laden with chemicals.

But, why putting your and your family’s health in danger when you can make your own air freshener, one that’s completely natural and safe to use, even around small kids.

The video below can give you a useful idea of how to make a toxin-free deodorizer for your home.

Once you try this method, you’ll never go back to commercial deodorizers ever again.

Start by obtaining several items including a mason jar with a tin lid, a hammer, an empty candle container, a fork, some essential oil of your choice, and baking soda.

Method 1#

This air freshener is ideal for your bathroom or bedroom.

What you do is empty the candle holder, but make sure you clean it completely.

You can use some soap and hot water for this.

The next thing you do is put some baking soda in the jar then add 8-10 drops of the essential oil you like.

Use a fork to stir well. Alternatively, you can nestle a tea candle in the center.

Method 2#

The second method is great to use anywhere in the house.

Close the jar with a lid tightly. Next, make 5 holes in the shape of a diamond on the lid.

You can use a screwdriver and a hammer for this.

Then, uncover, and do exactly the same as with the previous method.

When you’ve mixed the baking soda and essential oil, tighten the lid.

Your air freshener will slowly release a wonderful, pleasant smell filling the entire house.