He Was Born Without Brain But He Did Something Amazing On His Second Birthday … Heart Melting!


Hearing your little one’s first word is a momentous occasion. But for Emma Murray, it was a moment she never thought would happen with her youngest child Aaron.

Just minutes after giving birth in 2013, Emma, 24 year old from Lanarkshire, Scotland was told by doctors that Aaron had a health condition known as holoprosencephaly which they said left him “incompatible with life”.

Holoprosencephaly is a very rare condition in which the front part of the brain of an embryo fails to form two hemispheres.

The condition affects about two in 10,000 live-born babies and most babies with the condition do not survive infancy.


Emma was advised to invite her closest family to the hospital to meet her newborn boy before he passed away.

But, what happened next?

Hospital staff helped Emma organize a baptism for her son. But, Aaron’s condition started to improve and they realized he could even breathe unaided. Week later he was still fighting. He was transferred to Yorkhill Royal Hospital for Sick Children where he had surgery to have a shunt fitted into his head to drain some of the fluid.

Aaron has amazed doctors so far with his survival. He proved that he is a real fighter. More than two years on, Emma says Aaron is not only alive, he has just said his first word ‘Mummy’!

She couldn’t believe it. She was told that her son would only live for a few minutes, but now he spoke which is something she never thought it would happen.

He was giggling, and then he said ‘mummy’. He had literally copied what I was saying. I just stared at him in shock, and then I just burst into tears. It was such an emotional moment” said Emma.

The weird thing is that Emma didn’t know she was pregnant until she was in labor. With her older son, she was in no doubt she was pregnant but with Aaron, she had no sickness or cravings and her periods hadn’t stopped. Soon as the doctors examined her, they realized she was about to give birth.


Emma said “Everything had happened so fast.  I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I’d given birth and been told my baby was going to die all in the same 24 hours.”

This X-ray, shows that his brain stopped growing when it reached the circled point. Above it is where the brain would normally fill the skull cavity, but is instead filled with fluid.

Aron has gone beyond doctors expectations!

Jill Yaz, from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus said: “This is an extremely rare condition and its fantastic that Aaron is going beyond any of the doctors expectations.

It is remarkable that he has managed to survive and say ‘mummy’ for the first time.Since then he’s also said ‘hello’ a few times too. This just shows how little we really understand about how the human body works.

Aaron is not only alive but enjoys giggling and clapping his hands with his big brother, Jack.

Emma, said: “We don’t know what the future holds but we know Aaron is a happy, contented boy. Every moment we have with him is precious.”

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