This guy has not used toothpaste in over a year. We are going to explain it now.

So, he looked for a natural tooth care as he wanted to make better and more natural choices in every area of his household and health.

He believed this was doing good using‘natural’ brand toothpaste until he came to a conclusion that even that natural toothpaste had things like sweeteners, fluoride, and glycerin that he wanted to avoid.

Thus, he started looking for holistic approaches to teeth care, but it was a waste of energy as he found out that what people eat affects the teeth much more than the substance the teeth are being scrubbed with. He also read about people that quit using toothpaste. Even though it sounded not too good, he decided to scrub his teeth only with water. It looked like it worked OK.

What is oil pulling?

Coconut oil is anti-bacterial that pulls toxins from our mouth when swished for 15-20 minutes. Thus, he tried. After a while he posted a photo on his Facebook profile and people started asking him how it worked. He said that it was an amazing thing and felt it reduced plaque, making his teeth stronger. In just 1 month all the sensitivity he has been experiencing in his lower molars disappeared.

You should rinse first thing in the morning. Another alternative you can use is cod liver oil to up nutrition for tooth decay regeneration. In just couple of weeks you’re your cavity will be gone, and your teeth will be white, with all the black/green/brown things gone. Their surface will be smooth instead of being pitted.

It is possible to regenerate your teeth – and is also quite simple

Tooth decay is caused by nutrient deficiencies and not bacteria. This has been proven by lab experiments. If all the brushings, flossing, massive fluoridation campaigns, and dental surgeries were effective in the prevention of tooth decay, then it would not get worse over some time.

It has become normal for us to have rotten teeth.

The thing is that strong teeth resist acid and bacteria and when the consumer understands that strong teeth resists acid indefinitely, the following question that comes is ‘what makes a tooth strong’? It is good nutrition that includes whole foods, good fat, raw milk, tasty meats, and properly prepared vegetables and grains. Whole, raw milk and nourishing fats such as butter oil and cod liver oil are the best.

How to pull with coconut oil?

  • Take 2 tsp of coconut oil and put it into your mouth;
  • Hold it or chew it until it melts (30 seconds);
  • Swish the oil through all your teeth;
  • Do this for 20 minutes and then spit the oil out (in the trash) when you finish.

Why does it work?

Our teeth are like sponges which bring nutrients to the outer enamel when good nutrition is present into the diet, or suck toxins when nutrition is lacking. Oil can cut right through plaque to tooth surface, and coconut oil particularly has anti-bacterial properties, thus with oil pulling your teeth become stronger and the flow of toxins is reversed, pulling bacteria out of the teeth, becoming available to dispose the toxins. Swishing and flossing will not damage your gums.

What type of coconut oil you should use?

Choose organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. If it smells like coconut then it means that it has not been over-processed and is nutritious.