Hot Ginger Coating Reduce Waistline Overnight


Ginger is a super-food which helps in speeding up the metabolic rate and that is a powerful method in losing extra pounds.

If you follow this method you will be able to achieve those results.

Prepare your ginger layer for weight loss


  • 1 tbsp. of freshly ground ginger root;
  • Few tbsp. of body lotion;
  • Terry cloth;
  • Plastic foil;
  • Elastic bandage.

How to prepare it: soak the cloth in warm water and wrap it around the body part you want to lose fat and let it stay for couple of minutes.

This will help in expansion of the pores.

For further expanding, dip the cloth once more in warm water and warp it around the same area.

Create a paste of ginger and the body lotion and apply it on the area, creating a thick layer and then wrap it with a plastic foil.

Put the elastic bandage over it, but do not tighten it.

Let it be comfortable sufficiently.

Allow it act for 4 hours, or overnight.

You might feel tingling sensation, but do not worry as it means that the coating of ginger is working.

With this mixture, all the fat deposits in your body will be broken down

Switch to a healthier diet if you want to get better results.

Moreover, regular exercises on daily basis will be more than welcomed.

Ginger can be included into your everyday diet as it will further improve the overall benefit of the mask, burning more fats around the waist.