Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


It seems as though McDonalds cannot take a break from the controversy surround the company.

And even though we are used to hearing news about its shocking practices, the latest news go far beyond what we’ve been hearing so far.

There was news about a recorded audio confession from a man who claimed that McDonald’s have been using human meat fillers for their all-beef hamburgers, along with another story of how they were accused of using worm meat fillers as well.

The story urged food inspectors to look into the accusation further and they allegedly found horse and human meat in one McDonald’s meat factory, in Oklahoma City.

Furthermore, they also discovered human meat packed in a couple of trucks which were doing deliveries to the company’s restaurants.

Other reports claim that food inspection continued for the rest of the factories and restaurants in the country, where horse meat was found in 65% of the locations, while human meat was found in a shocking 90%.

The FBI agent Lloyd Harrison had this to say for Huzlers:

The part that is the worst part is that it’s not only human meatthat was found, but also children meat. The body parts that were found across the US factories were considered to be too small foradult body parts. This is truly horrific.

It seems that Cannibalism, which started millenniums ago and today still remains in certain tribes around the world as a cult, is also a part of the modern Western societies, even though it is not-voluntary cannibalism.

There have already been cases of cannibalism in modern society, like the North Korean man who received the death sentence for murdering his children for food, and the Americans Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmer who supported cannibalism (and were proclaimed insane), but never on this scale.

After such a terrible discovery, one has to wonder what next?

Well, firstly McDonald’s need to answer their consumers how and why this meat was used, but also where does it come from?

At the time being, their factories and restaurants are undergoing thorough investigations and we hope the answers will come soon.

The best thing to do for no is to avoid eating there!

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