It’s Time for Pumpkin


The homeland of pumpkin is South America. The size of the vegetable can be from a few to 200 kilograms. For the first time this vegetable has been mentioned five thousand years before our era. Pumpkin began to cultivate more Indian tribes, using vegetable pulp to prepare different dishes, and its seeds were then a source of oil.

This period of the year is time for pumpkin. Pumpkins are not only used for Halloween decorations, but they are very good for the health. Here’s why…

1. Useful benefits of pumpkin pulp

Rich of vitamins and minerals
Pumpkin pulp – is a storehouse of valuable vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B5, B9, vitamin A, beta-Carotene) and minerals (Fluor and iron, manganese and copper, sulfur and iodine, chlorine and zinc, phosphorus and sodium, potassium and calcium, magnesium) to the body, fiber and sugar.

Digestive system
Due to the alkalizing agents this vegetable is useful in diseases of the digestive system. The introduction of its diet helps to cure constipation and gout, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and gallstones.

Kidney disease
Pumpkin – a strong diuretic. That is why doctors advise to include vegetables in the menu for people suffering from kidney disease, edema during childbearing.

Weight loss
Nutritionists recommend eating pumpkin people with excess weight, because it speeds up metabolism and removes cholesterol. Energy value hundred grams of fresh pumpkin are 22 kcal, which allows the product to be a vegetable diet.

Younger look
Beauticians recommend to eat this vegetable because it has a lot of retinol (vitamin A), gives the skin elasticity.

Better vision

And this vitamin A, has beneficial effects on vision, increases its urgency.pumpkin seeds2. Useful benefits of pumpkin seeds

Not only the pulp and the seeds are useful for our body. They are rich in vegetable oils and proteins.

They are recommended for the liver and as an anthelmintic.

Skin problems
A large amount of zinc in them allows treating problem skin. Therefore, teenagers with acne on his face on a daily basis need to eat 30-40 grams of pumpkin seeds. In addition, for great skin, they can apply a mask of this vegetable. They are useful for aging skin as moisturize and give it elasticity, contribute to the production of collagen.

3. How to choose

Go to the nearest farm market and bye a pumpkin. Here how to choose the right pumpkin…
Ripe vegetables should be bright orange pulp. If you buy an entire small pumpkin, then it is necessary to knock: the sound of ripe vegetables must be deaf.