Medical Phenomenon? She Stopped Aging At Thirty, Mostly Thanks To This Ingredient! (PHOTO)


When people see Pamela Jacobs (UK, 52, originally from South Asia) for the first time, they think that she has about 30 years. But, her identity card shows even 22 years more! Pamela looks almost perfect even at the age of 52.

Her complexion is flawless and her body is handsome due to genetics, as well as care in which she invests heavily. She says that she eats healthy food, exercises a lot, but one of the main things that should be praised for her appearance is coconut oil!

She applies it twice a day on the whole body as a moisturizer, removes make-up with it, and once a week brushes her body with it, as well as bathes in detoxifying bath with Himalayan salt.

She has started using coconut oil in her diet since she was little. She applies a large amount of coconut oil on her face before going to bed and sleeps with the mask. Her skin is reborn in the morning!

She even has a problem with people because they often think that she is actually the girlfriend of her son who is 21 years old!

Many younger men court her, but Pamela loves the older ones. Many people even think that she is a student. Last time she wanted to buy a ticket to London, she was offered to use a discount for students!

She follows the 80/20 rule in her diet, which means that 80% of her diet is healthy organic foods, and 20%, is not-so-healthy. That’s pudding, alcohol and chocolate, but dark organic.

She avoids bread, sugar, pasta and fruit, and loves green leafy vegetables, water with lemon, protein foods, turmeric, ginger and pepper …

She exercises regularly and goes to the sauna followed by a shower with cold water.

Why is coconut oil so good?

Coconut oil can truly be described as a super-food.

It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with strong medicinal properties and what is known as medium chain fatty triglycerides. Most of the fatty acid triglyceride is considered a long chain, or coconut oil is metabolized differently. These triglycerides are going from the liver into the digestive tract where they are used as a quick source of energy. The healthiest places in the world are the ones where people consume coconut oil.

Coconut oil is still considered to be exotic food in our Western society and is primarily consumed by people aware of the importance of a healthy diet. In some parts of the world, coconut oil comes under dietary products. In the South Pacific, people receive 60% of their calories from coconut, but they are also the largest consumers of saturated fats in the world. These people have excellent health, and heart disease is far less often among them than in the rest of the world.

Easy digestion

Many people suffer from digestive problems, so they should certainly consider adding coconut oil to their diet. Coconut oil helps with digestive disturbances including microbiological bacteria stomach and intestinal problems. Fatty acids include antimicrobial properties that soothe bacteria, candida, and even parasites that cause indigestion.

Cooking at high temperatures

The medium chain fatty acids make coconut oil to have a higher temperature limit than most oils. You might find that you like more than the usual olive oil, especially if you cook the recipes that require high temperatures. Olive oil oxidizes as soon reaches the point of opacity, creating free radicals.

Slows the aging process and the formation of wrinkles

Coconut oil is not only used as food. It provides many advantages for the beauty of the skin. It helps maintaining connective tissue strong and prevents wrinkles and other skin problems. Apply this oil directly to the face to lessen the appearance of wrinkles or use it every day to give your skin a nice glow!

People say that you should not place anything that you cannot eat on your skin. Coconut oil is a gold mine in the world of beauty. Many experts who point out that this gift of nature may replace expensive cosmetics loaded with chemicals. Find recipes that contain coconut oil: toothpaste, face cream, suntan lotion and deodorant and prepare them yourself.


The recipe for instant refresh of tired skin of the face is of course illuminator or highlighter, but the same magical effect can be achieved with the help of coconut oil. The trick is simple – it is enough to apply quite a bit of coconut oil on your cheeks and face which will make you shine with freshness and look younger. All natural products based on coconut oil contain pigments that reflect light and will refresh tired face in an instant.

Coconut oil penetrates in the hair very deeply and deeply regenerates and prevents the loss of protein. Put a little amount of oil on your palm and spread it over the hair. Extend it with a comb from the scalp to the tips. Roll up your hair on the head and put a shower cap. Leave the oil to act overnight and wash your hair with mild shampoo in the morning.

Body Scrub

Melt 1/2 a cup of coconut oil and pour over a cup of brown sugar and salt. Stir the mixture. This is a natural peeling which deeply hydrates the skin. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or vanilla extract.


Coconut oil has a miraculous effect on the skin of the hands, chronically dried by frequent washing. Put a bottle of coconut oil on the sink and after washing the dishes, or washing your hands, apply a little bit of coconut oil. This will help your skin to retain moisture and make your hands soft and smooth.

Body Lotion

Virgin coconut oil is known to improve skin hydration as well as reduce moisture loss with extremely dry skin. It can replace expensive body lotions. Rub some coconut oil on your skin using circular motions.