Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S.


According to the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are about million pounds of rat meat sold as boneless chicken wings in restaurants and stores throughout the USA!

This comes after numerous illegal shipping containers were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco.

When the inspectors opened them, they were full of rat meat that was supposed to be distributed across America and sold as chicken meat!

According to a report, the meat was confiscated and should be destroyed by the authorities.

However, the FDA warns that there may be 1 000 000 pounds of the fake rat meat still in circulation, so be careful about your choice of food!


One of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspectors, Ronal Jones, said that the Super Bowl is a period where chicken wings are in high demand and where restaurants and grocery stores often face a penury.

He also added that the United States laws prohibit the import and sales of rat meat as a comestible item.

The illegal market is perfect for this type of illegal meat. You should know that there is nothing dangerous about consuming rat meat – if it’s properly cooked.

But, it’s still illegal to import and to sell.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) spokesman, Jenny Brookside, says that it’s too late for the produce that has already been sold on the market. “Well, it’s up to people to try to identify the quality of the meat that is packaged. But, you should all know that there is no absolute way to determine if the meat in your plate is chicken or rat”, she says.

She also says that if you find out that your chicken wings taste slightly different from usual, then that meat might be counterfeit meat. But, this type of meat can be easily hidden with using different ingredients and spices.

You should be careful and eat homemade and un-processed food. According to a 2014, FDA study, almost 36 million lbs. of illegal counterfeit meat is sold in the United States every year. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

– Source:
Healthy Food Team