The Miracles of Ginger for Weightloss


You want your body to be fit and tight? Try a poultice of ginger!

Consuming ginger quicken metabolism, and thus lose weight. A similar effect has a body wrap with ginger. Learn how to make and the way you can use it.

What do you need (ingredients):

  • tablespoon ginger powder (or fresh grated)
  • a couple of tablespoon of body lotion
  • plastic film
  • towel
  • elastic bandage

How to prepare it (preparation):

Towel soak in warm water as you wrap the body part that you want to put a compress of ginger. Leave a few minutes for the pores of the body spread. If it’s necessary, repeat this step once more.

Mix the ginger and body lotion and at the desired location, apply a thicker layer of this mixture. Then wrap it several times with plastic wrap. On the folio put elastic (or ordinary) curve.

Do not over tighten. The point is you to feel comfortable. Leave on for at least four hours, and if is not a problem , all night.

In the beginning you may feel a burning sensation. Do not worry, this is a sign that the mask works. This mask is good, because ginger reduces the accumulated fat in the body.

Please note that the results are even better if you are persistent, you eat properly and exercise regularly. Also, by adding ginger to your daily diet, improve the effect of these masks and lose more inches at the waist.

Note: Keep in mind that the results will vary from person to person. Centimeters to lose will depend on your metabolism, activity level and diet.