Natural Ways To Destroy Moles, Warts, Blackheads, Skin Tags and Age Spots


There are more than three thousand skin ailments and most of them can be devastating physically as well as emotionally.

Itching or burning can be an additional disadvantage with such problems.

A change in the color of skin infection could be a clue to allergy reactions or inflammation.

This can occur anywhere on the body. But most skin conditions are curable with easy solutions if you are aware of the natural ingredients required for a beneficial remedy.

How To Cure Warts?

Warts are cauliflower like protruding on the skin, caused by HPV virus. This skin problem can be contagious and may spread to your own body parts or other people. Warts alone have 100 different types and may have distinct affects on people depending on the immunity of the person.

It is found that these diseases may or may not be harmful. There is no certainty how much time warts take to disappear naturally, they may last from months to years, or may stubbornly persist even longer.

Natural cures are highly advisable if the chemical treatment fails to bring any improvement in the condition.


Never underestimate honey; it is a known remedy for several ailments. ‘Organic Manuka’ is a special kind of honey produced in Australia and New Zealand and is best suited for warts treatment. Manuka is known for its antibacterial properties, but another organic honey can be used in the absence of Manuka.

It survives temperature changes without losing any property. Furthermore, another benefit of Honey is that it causes occlusion and deprives the wart of oxygen to eliminate it. Take raw honey and use it to cover the war. Cover the area with a cloth and leave it for a day. Keep changing the bandage and apply honey every day.

Bananas can heal

Few are aware of the therapeutic effects of banana peel. Inner surface of the peel can actually cure wart. Press it over the wart and bind it with a tape. Sleep with the banana peel and after removing it wash the area carefully. In few weeks or months time the differences will become noticeable.

Garlic can heal too

Garlic comes with some extremely potent anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities to help you stay healthy. Can it relieve your warts? Of course, it can. Get some garlic and mash it properly. Put it on the area affected with warts and place a bandage on it. Keep repeating it twice every day until you can’t see traces of warts on your skin anymore.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is in fact the best treatment for warts which you can prepare at your home comfortably. Its anti-inflammatory property fights the viruses and bacteria to keep warts at bay. After washing the affected area, apply apple cider vinegar and with cotton spread it all over the area. A bandage or a duct tape can be handy for covering the area. Let it be like for the whole day. It may take weeks for the results to surface.

Can a Duct Tape aid in skin healing?

Well, indeed. This is a fact supported by science that duct tape can be seen as a treatment for warts. Reportedly, 85% patients who had warts got complete freedom from the problem within two months. Only 60% of those who underwent cryotherapy were cured.  A piece of duct tape is to be wrapped around the inflicted area and should remain that way for about 6 days.

You can switch to another piece of tape from time to time. After six days, use water to clean the area. Emery board or pumice stone should be gently rubbed over the area. Next day apply a new tape and keep repeating the process for 2 months until there is no sign of warts.