Newborn Twins Cried Until The Doctors Put Them Together. Then This Happened. Incredible Video!


There’s nothing more fulfilling than becoming a parent.

Giving birth may be excruciating, but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you hold your bundle of joy for the first time.

This feeling of unspeakable bliss only doubles when you get twins.

Now, having any kin is a true gift, but the connection between twins is something much stronger and more intense than ordinary sibling love.

This is mostly due to the fact that twins connect the moment they are conceived and their bond only grows stronger over time.

Sharing the same womb for nine months can make you as close to one another as conceivable by human mind.

The video below is a sheer demonstration of how powerful this twin connection is.

It features crying twins born only minutes before they are laid one next to the other.

The moment they feel each other’s presence, they immediately calm down.

The video was recorded by the twins’ father, Lonie Paxton, a GoPro employee, who was very eager to film the birth of his sweet babies, Leonidas and Reese.

Watch the video and see for yourself what incredible reaction the twins show the moment they meet for the first time outside their mother’s womb.

Is there anything more amazing?