Cure which is able to kill cancer can be made with the help of people’s immune system able to fight this disease, i.e. people who live with it with years without any symptoms to show.

This theory developed during the past few years and the researchers in the USA identified antibodies from the bodies of such cases, converting them into a cure which attacks and kills cancer cells.

This may represent totally new approach in the process of curing cancer.

This is very exciting due to the fact that the antibodies kill cancer cells selectively, said professor Edward Patz.

He investigated the cases where cancer has been discovered accidentally, for instance, a patient who got a surgeon of hernia has been discovered to have lung cancer.

He did not feel any symptoms connected to lung cancer.

Dr. Patz said that if they hadn’t x-rayed him, they wouldn’t have discovered that he had cancer and he would have died of cancer inside himself, but not from the cancer.

Researchers looked for evidence particularly in such cases, checking if their immune system is different.

Once they managed to identify certain antibodies, researchers started testing lab rats.

The antibodies killed cancer cells, however, the rats continued dying of cancer.

Professor Patz said that this happened because the rats were not given greater dose.

We showed that the antibodies kill cancer cells, not all necessarily, but it is clear that they affect the cells, which is highly important.

Using the power of our own immune system in the fight against cancer is a highly exciting opportunity for investigation, highlighted the professor.