Scientist Says He Found Definitive Proof That God Exists


Michio Kaku, one of the most renowned theoreticians of modern science, proves to have found evidence of a force “that governs everything.”

To be more specific, the theoretical physicist has proposed a theory suggesting that God exists.

As Kaku is one of the most prominent scientists of today and one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory, which is highly valued for its importance, his new concept that God exists has caused a lot of stir in academic  circles all over the world.

The physicist explains that he used what he calls “primitive semi – radius tachyons” to develop his theory.

In his words, tachyons are theoretical particles which are able to “unstick ” the Universe matter or vacuum space between matter particles, and free everything from the effects of the surrounding universe.


Upon completing his scientific experiments, Kaku concluded that we live in a “Matrix”.

He said “I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence.

Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.”

To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

Watch the video below where Kaku explains the concepts of his theory in more detail.