She Lost 89 Kilograms In 18 Months, And Changed Only One Thing In Her Diet


When she got pregnant at 17, this young woman couldn’t control her cravings and she got so fat that doctors gave her one year to live if she continued with her unhealthy diet.

However, she decided that it’s time to stop this destructive habit and started eating a healthy diet.

This diet helped her lose an astonishing 89 kg in only 18 months!


Here’s what the diet plan looked like:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and a small piece of bacon;

Lunch: boiled or baked potatoes, chili and a small piece of meat;

Snack: yogurt or fruit;

Dinner: spaghetti with cheese and tomato sauce.


As a result of being overweight, the woman had difficulties walking and suffered from intense back pain by the age of 30!

However, after a year and a half, she was awarded a “Woman Of The Year” award by a center for overweight people due to her inspiring journey, which should be a reminder to everyone that you can do anything if you are determined.

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