Slimming Drinks For Those Who Want To Lose a Lot of Weight!


Are you tired of trying out different exercises and weight loss diets that never seem to get any results?

Do you need to lose weight and do it fast?

Well, luckily for you, we found you two amazing and natural solutions with proven outcomes.

Why they are good for you?

Well, both solutions use ginger as its base. Why ginger?


Well first of all, ginger is great for speeding up your metabolism and fat burn rate. In fact it increases the metabolism rate by 20%, which makes it a great addition to your daily diet if you are planning of toning your body.

Secondly, ginger is also great for your skin. So, apart from being able to lose fat more easily, you will also be able to restore the youth of your skin and body, as well as improve your tan. That’s why ginger is commonly used for skin care, in fact, you can even freely use it to clean and revive your facial skin.

And finally, ginger naturally detoxify human body. Consuming ginger regularly will prevent toxin accumulations which lead to a number of health conditions.

Solution Nr. 1

This is a refreshing and tasty way to include ginger in your daily diet.

What do you need (ingredients):                                 

  • A cucumber;
  • A lime;
  • A lemon;
  • Ginger root (1 teaspoon of, grated);
  • Mint leaves (12 of);
  • Water (2l of);

How to prepare it (preparation):

First of all you need to peel your cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Afterwards, wash your lime and lemon, and slice them together with your ginger root. Add all of the ingredients into a 2 liter bottle filled with water. Close tight, shake it and leave it for one night before consuming. You can store it in your fridge.

How to dose it:

You need to drink 3 glasses per day if you want to achieve best results. Your first glass should be on an empty stomach in the morning, and the next two should be drunk before your lunch and dinner.


Solution Nr.2

Our second solution is also based on ginger, but unlike the first one it contains nothing else but water. This way you can make sure you fully exploit its potential.

How to prepare it (preparation):

Buy some ginger root, wash it and slice it into very small pieces. Fill a thermos with hot water, add your ginger and close it. Drink in several takes throughout the day, however if you are planning on eating, you should wait for half an hour after you have drank your tea.

After several days of consumption, you should take a 3-4 day break before continuing.

Well, no matter what your choice is there is no denying of the effects that both of these drinks can have on your health, beauty, and metabolism.

Why don’t you give it a try and see how easy it is to lose weight. Share your results, thoughts, or opinions afterwards!

– This article is originally posted on Healthier Way Of Life, with permission re-posted on The Doctor Asky; Source:
Healthier Way Of Life