Smokers This is RECOMMENDED: A Miracle Elixir Cleans Your Lungs


This is really helpful even for those who quit smoking.

Nice work, btw. You’ve said goodbye to something that damages your overall health.

On the other hand … Smokers how you doin’?

Still having that bad cough?

Let’s fool ourselves here. I won’t make you quit smoking. That’s all on you.

If your choice is to keep harming your health, I can’t do much there.

Giving you homemade remedies that could help you is the least I can do.

I already shared something similar to this with you.

I’ve heard many people saying that this helped them feel better.

I haven’t tried it because I didn’t smoke a cigarette in my life.

I just can’t find anything good in smoking cigarettes.

Anyway, this natural remedy is very easy to make.

Let’s see how:


  • 400g Onion
  • 1l Water
  • 400g sugar
  • 2 tbsp Turmeric
  • Ginger – a thumb-sized piece
  • Preparation

How to prepare:

Cook the water and sugar together

Add the onion (cut in quarters) and shredded ginger root

Let it boil

Once it boils, add the turmeric and reduce the heat to low

Cook until the mixture reduces to half

Strain it and keep it in a jar

Once it cools completely, store it in your fridge

Make sure you take 2 tablespoons in the morning before you eat or drink something.

Take 2 tablespoons in the evening 2 hours after your dinner.

As you can see this elixir uses only natural and highly beneficial main ingredients.


We all know about the healing effects of ginger.

It’s used for many years as the main ingredient in every natural remedy. It also eliminates the excess mucus in your lungs.

Onion and Garlic


This spice is FULL with vitamins and minerals. It also comes with omega-3 fatty acids.

Its antiviral, anticancer and antibacterial effects will do your body a favor.

Make sure you add Turmeric in your daily diet. It can be used for everything.

Check these amazing ways to use it.

Important Notice: Consult your doctor for every natural remedy.

Do you know anybody who is addicted to smoking?

They will definitely need this.