Stop Rubbing VapoRub on Your Chest. Here Are 10 Better Ways to Use It!


Can you recall how comforted and soothed you felt after you applied this amazing gel onto your chest when you had cold?

Well, you can continue doing that, but you need to know that the use of Vicks VapoRub is very broad.

We are providing with our favorite ones.

Use Vicks VapoRub for:

Hiding terrible smells – this has been approved by nurses, thus spread a bit of it under your nose for continuous cover-up, or just rub some of it into your hands for a quick whiff when you come across terrible smells. This will also provide you breathe much better.

Healing your heels – do not run out for an expensive procedure or fancy lotions in case you have cracked or callused feet. You may just rub the gel on the affected area, put on some socks, and go to sleep.

Sleeping more soundly – humidifier can help you sleep better, but this may even be better with Vicks. Put a bit of the regular thing in the compartment and snooze away. You do not have to buy the specialty kind of liquid or humidifier.

Treating acne – apply the gel over the affected area. In just 1 week you will notice some positive results.

Healing headaches – rub some of it into your temples and forehead. The headache, even the sinus ones, will go away.

Acting like a lip balm – apply some of it on your chapped lips to get a soothing and smoothing treatment.

Erasing stretch marks – there are people who swear by this trick. Apply it on the affected spot and in 2 weeks you will see them going away.

Keeping mosquitoes away – insects hate its smell, thus use the gel to repel them through rubbing it onto your neck, inner knees, behind your ears, elbows, or even your clothes. You are free to open the pack and place it on the table so that it can act like a general repellant.

Housetraining your pets – pets do not find a relief in the smell of the gel, so place an open pack near the places you will like to prevent your pet from causing troubles, or next to the entrance of the rooms where you do not want your pet to enter. You will see that they will avoid it.

Removing ticks – they hate the gel just like the mosquitoes, thus rub it into your skin. The gel will encourage them to crawl out and leave you alone.

Have you heard about these uses before? Share your experiences.