The Shape Of Your Belly Button Could Reveal A Lot About You!


What is the shape of your belly button?

Is it round?

Or maybe it’s more of an oval.

Whatever it is, the shape of your belly button tells you something about yourself.

Read on and see if the shape of your belly button truly describe you!

You’re an optimistic person who always tries to look on the bright side although you might fail sometimes. You enjoy good relationship with your friends and family because you’re able to communicate well.

People with big and deep belly button are lucky in general. This belly button shape depicts you as someone wise. You’ll fail early in life but fret not, because you’re blessed with the ability to succeed when you’ve matured at an older age. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and never, ever let go of opportunities that comes your way, especially when you’re 40 and above.

People who belong to this group are thought to be weak and high negativity, which leads to plenty of unfinished work that will drive your boss crazy. Learn to be more positive and you’ll be all the better for it.

You’re stubborn and you love to be the center of attention. Be careful because you’re easily exploited by others.

You have a cheerful outlook and find yourself easily able to connect with people. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being successful in life.

The opposite of the previous point, you’re less energetic and tend to leave work behind for others to tackle. Kick that habit or you might just kicked out.

You tend to over think things and by the time you come to a decision, you’ll have realized you’ve missed the opportunity. Totally. It might be prudent to just go for it. Like Nike, just do it.

You don’t trust easily and it shows in your behavior. You’re vigilant and suspicious of everything that’s going on. You’ll make a perfect detective, but because you’re not one, it might make you seem unapproachable. Relax a bit and you’ll find your life changing.

You often get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to love. It might be a good idea to look for your special someone via their belly button.

No matter whether financial, health or family, you have it all. You’ll definitely lead a comfortable and stable job down the road.