THIS DRINK STOPS AGEING! The Skin Becomes Shiny And The Hair Ceases To Gray


When we compare people and guess their ages we note that some people, especially women look and fifteen twenty years younger than they really are old.

Youthful women have found a source (elixir) of youth who are kept up till today and now they are ready to share it.

Using this elixir they claim to look much younger, their hair is thicker and brighter, vision is better.

What is amazing, my hair had stopped to sit.

That’s why we bring you the recipe for this elixir to see that this is impossible.


Elixir Recipe:

What do you need (ingredients):

100 ml linseed oil
Half a per kg of honey
2 whole lemons
A homemade garlic cloves
How to prepare it (preparation):

Clean the garlic and cloves, wash lemon thoroughly, so that the peel carefully to keep the juice.

All put in a blender and add honey and blend it. When you blend iti then add linseed oil and blend well again.

Transfer to a glass jar and place in the fridge.

Take one spoon of this elixir three times a day before meals.