First, They Pull Out Their Limbs, And Then Break The Head: See What Is Going On With The Baby During The Abortion (VIDEO)


Dr. Anthony Levation is a gynecologist with over 1200 abortions on his resume.

In this video, he explains what exactly happens during an abortion.

The video shows termination of pregnancy in the second quarter.

The baby is in its 12th week by then, and is big as a palm of an adult.


“Much of the public is misinformed about what happens during an abortion,”

say representatives of the anti-abortion organization “Live Action”.

“Those who support abortion masking the whole procedure with euphemisms.

They use terms such as the product of conception, pregnancy termination, and the like.”

According to a recent survery, 81% of all Americans support some kind of abortion constraint – including the limitation of the procedure to the first three months.

The study included 1700 people, with 66% of the people who are supporting the “free choice about abortion” movement, saying that abortion should be allowed in some cases in the first quarter of pregnancy and in cases of rape, incest or in order to save the mother’s life.