Eating 3 Eggs a Day for a WEEK Will Improve Your Overall Health

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Most people tend to  because they are afraid of getting too much cholesterol in their body. However, eggs are actually not bad for you. There are plenty of health benefits that you can get from eating eggs regularly.

Take a look at the list below to see what eating eggs can do for you.

Eggs will increase your good cholesterol :

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You probably already know that the egg yolk contains high levels of cholesterol. However, what you might not know is that medical professionals advise using eggs, because they can actually increase the levels of your good cholesterol, or HDL.

Eggs will lower your heart attack risk :

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By eating eggs you will increase the good cholesterol levels in your body, which will directly affect the size of your bad (LDL) cholesterol molecules, by making them bigger. If the size worries you, you should know that according to recent discoveries it is actually the smaller (or dense) LDL molecules which are linked to heart problems.

Eggs will fill your protein needs :

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If you ever read an article about the connection between protein intake and exercising then you must have seen eggs listed as one of the best protein sources. This is most definitely true as eggs contain more protein than most foods, and proteins are good for your diet and your overall health.

Eggs will help you lose weight :

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Because of their high concentration of proteins, eggs are great when you are trying to lose weight as they can suppress your hunger more easily than other foods. This was proven by a research on weight loss and optimal calorie intake, where the participants were given a choice of getting their recommended calorie intake from either bagels, or eggs. The results showed that people who chose eggs as their calorie source lost up to 65% more weight than those that chose bagels. They also experienced higher body fat (16%) and waist (34%) reduction, when compared to the other group

Eggs will make your hair and skin better :

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Apart from being full of proteins, eggs also contain a number of vitamins that are great for your hair and skin, like the B-complex vitamin group (B2, B5, and B12). These vitamins are also good for your improving the functions of your liver, brain, and nervous system.

Eggs will make your bones and teeth stronger :

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The vitamin B group that eggs contain is not only good for your hair and skin, but it is also an essential vitamin without which your body couldn’t properly absorb calcium. And as you might already know, calcium is what makes your bones, nails, and teeth stronger, so if you want to increase your calcium levels, you shouldn’t stay away from eggs.

Eggs will give your body its missing amino acids :

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There are 20 amino acids which are vital to your body and health, 11 of which are produced by your body, the rest supplied through your choice of diet. If your body lacks amino, you will gradually start to feel weaker and more tired, your muscles will start to deteriorate, and your immunity will drop. Because eggs the rest of these missing, vital amino acids, you should start eating more of them if you want to prevent such health conditions.

Eggs can lower your stress :

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As already said, eggs contain 9 amino acids that are vital your body’s functions, but which your body can’t produce, and the lack of them can lead to a number of health conditions, both physical and mental. According to a recent research published in the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), if you consume a fair amount of lysine ( a missing amino acid) you will be able lower your stress and anxiety levels, due to the effect of lysine on serotonin production.

Eggs will improve your immunity :

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Eggs also contain selenium, which is a compound vital to your immunity and thyroid function. Providing your body with selenium will lead to better immunity and less diseases and infections caused by viruses and bacteria. All that is needed to give your body 22% of the recommended daily selenium intake is a single, large egg.

Eggs will give you more energy :

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One of the most important vitamins that eggs contain is vitamin B2 or riboflavin, a vitamin with an essential role in activating other vitamins in your body. Eggs contain up to 15% of the recommended daily intake of riboflavin. Eating more eggs will help your body transform more of your food into energy.

Eggs will improve your brain function :

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I’m assuming that just like me, you have never heard about choline, a compound found in your cell membranes which is vital to the acetylcholine synthesis in your body. The lack of choline in your body can lead to various neurological problems, one of which is lowered cognitive functions. Eggs are a great solution to this problem as they are rich in choline.

Finally, if you decide to start eating more eggs because of all the nutritional benefits they have, make sure you don’t over-eat them. It is true that they are incredibly beneficial, however, there’s never any good in over-consuming something.