When She Said This Is Her Wedding Gown, I Laughed. But Then She Showed Me What It Does. Genius!


Going to the bathroom is an essential basic need of all human life, and being able to do so quickly and efficiently is important, especially during a big occasion, like wedding day!

Any bride will know how difficult using the restroom is in a full bridal gown.

You might need an entire parade of bridesmaids to even help lift the gown up!

No such orchestrations are necessary anymore though with the invention of the Bridal Buddy.

The Bridal Buddy was invented to help brides use the restroom without any help to lift up their dress.

The invention is actually quite simple, and only consists of one main piece of fabric which is attached to the waist.


The Bridal Buddy is very transparent, and very light so it is like it isn’t even there!

To put it on, secure it above your waist, and then put on your wedding gown.

When you need to use the restroom, simply reach down, and pull the Bridal Buddy up with your dress in front of you to scoop it up.

There are holes in the Bridal Buddy to allow your arms to pass through, which also helps secure the gown.

The Bridal Buddy was invented by bridal consultant Heather, from the United States, and is available for order from the Bridal Buddy Website.

The Buddy comes in a cute pink bag, so it is ready for storage in any space, and is easy to transport anywhere you need it.

There is also a funny and light hearted video showing off the features and usage of the Bridal Buddy below, so check it out, and pick one of these up if your wedding day is coming up!