Your Body Is Acidic. How To Alkalize Your Body Naturally (The Truth Behind Cancer That You Will Never Hear From Your Doctor)


According to Dr. Otto H. Warburg, the best way to alkalize your body naturally is by using lemon and baking soda. Dr. Otto H. Warburg has won the Nobel Prize for his breakthrough in the field of medicine – discovery of the true cause of cancer. Warburg claimed that oxygen deficiency is the major factor that adds to emergence of cancer.

The lack of oxygen results in acidic state of our bodies. Moreover, Dr. Warburg found out that cancer cells are in fact anaerobic and cannot thrive when they are exposed to high quantities of oxygen, one of the main features of alkaline state.




All healthy cells need oxygen in order to survive, but this is not the case with cancer cells. Namely, cancer cells can survive without oxygen. Eliminating about 35 percent of any cell will lead to its transformation into a cancerous one after two days.

What we take in our bodies every day determines the adequate maintenance of body’s pH levels. pH balance is actually the balance between alkaline and acid content in each cell and fluid in the human body. The body needs to find the ideal balance for the pH level of the blood, which is approximately 7.365 (a little bit alkaline) so that it remains healthy.

Nevertheless, the typical diet nowadays (including the one of the Americans) consists of many acid-supporting and toxic foods, including refined grains, processed sugars, GMO etc. this type of diet leads to harmful acidic pH values. Imbalanced pH levels can disturb the normal function of the cells.



Highly acidic pH can also lead to occurrence of many different health problems, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and heartburn. If your body spends a lot of time in this kind of state, the aging process will also be accelerated.

As Robert Young explains, the most health problems come as a result of the acidic state of the body. Various viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, candida and other threats find this type of state great for development, while they cannot thrive in alkaline state, as it counterbalances their activities. You probably wonder what you can do to alkalize your body.

You can maintain your health by maintaining the pH balance of your body intact.

How to Alkalize your Body Naturally – Homemade Remedy for Acidity


  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (or organic apple cider vinegar)






Mix well both ingredients. This is an acid-base combination and that is why it will start fizzing right away. Pour the baking soda and go on with it until the fizz stops. Then, add eight ounces of water in the glass.

This mixture should be consumed at once. This homemade natural remedy will help you balance the pH and make an alkaline-friendly environment in the body. Moreover, the remedy will help you deal with the stomach acid and alleviate acidosis.