YOUR WHOLE BODY IS SKETCHED ON YOUR PALM: Find Out What Your Sickness Is And How To Heal!


No one will pay attention to your health but you.

Heal yourself and your family by using these amazing methods.

Even though modern medicine has found out a lot, it hardly solves the problems, especially when it comes to chronic diseases.

Doctors generally do not have the time to devote to the patient as it should, and it all ends with “tinkering”, i.e. repairing the problems and finishing the procedures.

A French doctor who is familiar with alternative methods of treatment, when asked to compare conventional and alternative medicine, he said that if he ever needed surgery for some acute illness, he would go to conventional doctors, while for chronic problems he would rather go to alternative healer.


No one else have the time to devote themselves as much as you can devote to yourself. But, you need a schedule that you can go with to help yourself, and it mainly requires years of learning.

Fortunately, there is a method which, although it is complex and it cannot be mastered in few minutes, you can immediately start using it. If doing so, it is very effective, even if beginners are using it. Most importantly, if you follow the basic rules, it is completely safe.

It is a Korean acupressure on the hands and feet called “Su-Jok”, which literally means hand-foot. Similar to traditional Chinese acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, this method is based on teaching about the meridians of the energy that are connected associated with our body.


In fact, each organ is a part of a unity of our organism, and not isolated system, which is connected with the rest of the body and mind biochemical and neurological, as well as energetically.

Before it comes to organ disease, first comes to energy imbalance. Then it is much easier to remove the problem than when the body gets ill. However, the question is how do we know when there is a disorder? Because of the everyday stress and fast life we have, we’ve lost the natural feeling that tells us that something’s wrong.


“Su Jok” acupressure provides an answer.  Because the whole body is outlined on the palm (or foot), you can find the points that are associated with certain organs. In the photos you can see where the organ is on the palm. If you’re having issues with some organ, there is a definitely corresponding point that is much more painful to touch than other points on the palm. And vice versa, if a point on the palm is a lot more painful to touch than other, you have a problem with an organ, and to be precise which one, it can be determined through correspondence shown on the photographs. On the picture above it is shown where on the palm the lungs and the heart are, and below are added for the colon and liver.

Diagnosis and treatment in this system is done by using a diagnostic stick (pictured below). Of course, that wand is not particularly necessary, but you need to find spiky but not sharp object. An empty pen can also serve the needs, hence the similarity of the object.


Everything you need to know is that every point on the body responds to a determined corresponding point on the palm. If you look at the palm as a body, the thumb is the neck and the head, index finger and the little finger are hands, middle and ring finger are legs, inner side of the palm are the chest and stomach, and the exterior is the back. Thus, for example, the right forearm is the second joint on the little finger of the left hand or the second joint of the index finger of the right hand.


When you find the correspondence point, you need diagnostic wand or objects used for this purpose, then point massage in a circular motion on both sides, and then place the buckwheat seeds at the area and bandage it(for this purpose many seeds can be used, but the buckwheat seeds are most convenient to start).


With this knowledge you can successfully treat migraines, back pain and neck pain and other illnesses. The results are almost instantaneous and for a permanent solution you need to be persistent. Since each of us has a backache, find the right spot and stand in the way of pain.

– This article is originally posted on Healthier Way Of Life, with permission re-posted on The Doctor Asky; Source:
Healthier Way Of Life